White-water Rafting

White - water Rafting

The Tara River Canyon is the longest canyon in Montenegro. 82 kilometres (50 miles) long and at its deepest 1,300 meters (4265 feet), it is the deepest river canyon in Europe & the second largest in the world.

The vibrant, turquoise blue water of the Tara River with its large volume of water makes it a haven for rafting. The standard route starts from Brstanovica and finishes at Scepan Polje, running through 21 rapids made available due to the largest drop over the shortest length of the rivers course. The longer route takes you through "Nisovo vrelo" which at 1099 metres (3608 feet high) is the deepest part of the canyon. This route also includes special attractions such as the Durdevica Tara Bridge, waterfalls & includes an overnight stay.

In 2017 rafting will take place from 1st May until 30th Sept . The rafting experience varies according to water levels and the flow, which are dependent on weather conditions. As a guideline:

  • APRIL/MAY – Fast & Furious due to the snow melt 
  • JUNE/JULY- Moderate  
Please note for this activity the minimum age is 7 years old & an adult must accompany all children under the age of 16 on the raft.

White-water Rafting Day Tour

White-water Rafting Excursion with an overnight stay

Two day white-water Rafting - NEW FOR 2016